Hikmah is currently supporting 70 widows under the widow support project project are to

(a)  Meet the basic survival needs of widows and their orphan children.

(b) Promote an economically stable family life and healthy environment at home.

(c)  Ensure the children will no longer be forced to work to supplement the family income to the detriment of their own educational goals.

It cost GH¢30.00 per month to provide cash, clothing and various other material needs.


All widows are qualified through a strict process of filling application forms for each widow, followed by investigations done at the neighborhood and schools to ensure that all information about the widow is accurate.

Various documents including the death certificate of the father. I. D. cards are acquired before completing the qualification process. Once qualified before completing the qualification process.

Once qualified, the widowed mothers are provided with a monthly cash allowance to help give economic stability to that home so they can meet their day-day needs, so they don’t have to send the young children out to work to make money.