THE  ORPHANS  / NEEDY  BRILLIANT  PUPILS



        The  only  true  success  in  life   is  to  find  yourself  in service  to  society  especially  the   poor , orphans  and  the  needy.


        Losing a parent is traumatic for any child anywhere. In sub-saharan Africa, disease and poverty are common, millions of children are orphaned and left hungry and homeless.

        Many orphans around the world are exploited in cheap labour, when they are forced to fend for themselves.

      This lifestyle does not only rob the children of their childhood, but also, limits their potential to grow and attain a bright future.

      Sponsorship means a lot you sponsorship will ensure that orphans or needy children have long term access to a better quality  of life including.

a.     A roof over their heads

b.     Food on their plates

c.      Access to education

d.     Health care

     The orphans deserve to be safe and happy too. Your local representative can visit us regularly to ensure your support is being utilized appropriately.