Support Hikmah Schools / Adapt

           Hikmah is currently operating three (3) schools with students from K-JSS under support . Due to poverty, the state of the schools in sub saharan Africa are in deplorable state. In isolated areas of Ghana for example, many local schools have become abandoned, Buildings are either empty orr taken over by a villager to store their animal or supplies

     Meanwhile, countless rural areas throughout the country have generations of illiterate people and no schools to educate the future generation. In response to these  issues, Hikmah adopts and operates Arabic& English schools (mostly under a government initiative in Ghana known as “Adopt a school” which have been shut down    and opens schools in rural areas which no one to begin with . 

Examples of support include:

1. Hiring qualified  and trained teachers from Urban cities to go to the remote areas purposely for teachingEnglish& Arabic.

2. Training them in I.C.T

. 3. Providing classroom furniture and equipments such as desks and computers.

4. Sponsoring extracurricular activities such as tree plantation.

5. Installing potable drinking water systems via the clean Drinking water project

. 6. Providing fans for classrooms

7. Constructing additional classroom facilities

8. Establishing libraries

9. Offering financial support to deserved students via the spread Education and no orphan without Education project..

Students whose families  receive support from Hikmah must regularly attend classes in order for the family to continue receiving their stipend

,Please sponsor, kindly visit  our schools to check on the teachers and students to make sure everyone is doing well.

It costs US$50 to run a classroom of 20 students for each month. Please sign for a monthly donation towards these projects