Welcome to Hikmah charitable foundation

Hikmah charitable foundation organizes resources of local people and our international supporters to sustainably better the condition of students, orphans the aged and the under privileged.

Whether you are an international organization, a local community group or an individual, there are many things we can do together to further our course.

Please do browse through our website, searching opportunity page or considering the various ways you can financially support us.  We appreciate our humanity and are therefore not keen on rigidness,  we encourage you to write to us with thoughts and suggestions on our current work, proposals for new initiatives, advice on improving our foundation or anything otherwise, we hope to be open and accommodating to you. 

We are looking forward to a long – lasting partnership from international and local organizations to team up in the spirit of hope and solidarity.

From the President/CEO

               2009                                                          2014

Hikmah foundation’s work is guided by a deep and abiding belief in human dignity.